Four Samsung Smartphones Leaked including Gravity & Blast 2

Four new Samsung mobile handsets come to light today courtesy of tmonews, and they are the Samsung Gravity 2, Samsung Blast 2, and a couple of others that we have no name for.

The Samsung Gravity 2 comes with slide out QWERTY keyboard, the same as the original Gravity, but has an updated camera to 2 megapixels, and will be available in Graphite, Orange, Pink, and Red.

The Samsung Blast 2 interestingly does away with the slider form factor of the original Samsung Blast and takes the candy-bar form factor with a half QWERTY keyboard.

Of the other unnamed two, one is a touch screen handset with Samsung TouchWiz UI and 3 megapixel camera. The second is a Communicator style handset with 2 displays and a full QWERTY keyboard. As for availability it is reckoned they will be available around November. Follow the link for images.

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