AT&T buddies up to Verizon for Alltel assets?

It looks like AT&T and Verizon are becoming buddies with a view to AT&T purchasing some of Alltel’s assets along with some Rural Cellular and Verizon assets from Verizon Wireless according to a report on phonescoop.

Apparently AT&T made an announcement on their purchasing plans whereby AT&T will fork over $2.35 billion for licenses and network assets along with 1.5 million customers in 79 regions.

Now the thing is AT&T uses GSM, whereas Alltel’s network relies on CDMA, so what does AT&T plan on doing about that as they haven’t revealed any details of the transaction.

One could presume as Verizon is in talks with Apple over the new iPhone perhaps AT&T thinks if it to turns to CDMA maybe they will cement their ties with Apple further and possibly ousting Verizon from the iPhone…who knows?