New Apple iPhone 4G 2009 Video: Pretty Hot

We have a pretty cool video for our iPhone fans out there today; the video is of what the new iPhone 2009 could be like, one presumes it is just a concept video rather than based on any factual knowledge, as I’m not too sure where this video originates from.

As we know, the iPhone 4G 2009 is expected sometime in June and there is still much speculation as to whether AT&T will gain exclusivity or whether Verizon Wireless might grab the handset. Furthermore, the iPhone 4G 2009 is rumoured to incorporate multi core graphics.

Anyway judging by this video, if it turns out to be the new Apple iPhone 4G 2009 smartphone it does look a fairly hot piece of mobile equipment, so hit it up blew on enjoy.


12 thoughts on “New Apple iPhone 4G 2009 Video: Pretty Hot”

  1. Motley says:

    Ya know.. that is one highly polished & professio nal video for it to be fake.

    However, it says OS 2.0.. which we know isn’t correct.

    It also says 5mp camera, where all rumors I have read point to a 3.0 mp.

    So who knows. Maybe a prototype of a commercial which has not been finalized with proper stats?

    Very interesting though.

  2. scott says:

    I doubt this is real at all. Why would Apple what the OS version is? That bit of information would change and would limit how long the commercial could be aired. Definitely a fake, but nicely presented for a fake

  3. Mr Frisk says:

    I think it is fake, if you read the words quickly it says things like “self repairing” “neuro controlable” “infinite battery”

    If these 3 things alone are true, that means it will never break, you never have to charge it and finally you can control it with thought patterns!!!

    mmm, somewhat unlikely!

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