New Palm Pre features should frighten rivals

Yes that’s what the standard thinks anyway. They believe the Palm Pre is a “game-changer” and features several winning attributes that just may put the Palm Pre ahead of the competition such as the Apple iPhone and Blackberry smartphones.

The first of which they list is the Touchstone Charger as the Palm Pre is the first handset to work with a wireless charger. Secondly, they say the Pre “fits like a glove” as opposed to the iPhone. Thirdly, the Palm Pre is primed for multitasking and is powerful; it’s faster when compared to BlackBerry handsets and the iPhone.

Next it can handle Flash and Palm plans to integrate Adobe Flash 9 into the handset sometime this year. Lastly the Palm Pre camera is better as it captures impressive images unlike that of the iPhone and other mobile phones.

They even slapped up a video showing the Palm Pre in action, which you can view below. So what are your views, do you agree? Should the Palm Pre features frighten rivals?


5 thoughts on “New Palm Pre features should frighten rivals”

  1. HereAndNow says:

    Kudos to Palm! They certainly did an awesome job on the user interface. I hope they are very successful with the Pre. The smartphone game is getting more interesting, every day.

  2. what's in a name says:

    Looks like the touch interface either takes a little practice (guy had to repeat a lot of his gestures), or is somewhat insensitive.

  3. Pre-lover says:

    I want the Pre but since I have the dirt cheap Sprint Service SERO,I think i will have to settle for less unless I can talk Sprint into letting me keep my service and get the Pre. Who knows, I have heard of people getting similar service on reg plansI do not need so much the talk time but the multi-media and internet service is mainly my cup of teaMay the touch Pro 2 if it comes out on Sprint. Fingers crossed. Whatever I have no desire to leave Sprint because my service simply works foor me.

  4. evelyn says:

    They should be frightened, but blackberry still wins for the business side where you can have multiple email servers on the phone.

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