Nokia Ovi Share Development Plug being pulled

It shouldn’t be too long now before the Nokia Ovi Store rolls out as Nokia has been wrapping up such projects as WidSets and Mosh. Now a report on Reuters states Ovi Share is being pulled.

Ovi Share won’t close down but Nokia is stopping any investments in the media sharing service, and presumable working on how to bring everything over to the Ovi Store.

It would appear though that investors are correct and that Nokia shouldn’t try to replace such services as Facebook and Flickr but looking to integrate them the same as most over platforms have done.


One thought on “Nokia Ovi Share Development Plug being pulled”

  1. well clearly you know something that Nokia/Ovi hasn’t bother telling it’s users. We’ve been waiting for months for the basic functionality to return after their apparent ‘update’. What a load of b*ll*cks.

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