Recap: New Apple iPhone 3.0 Speculations

As we already know, Apple is hard at work developing their new iPhone 3.0, and in iPhone 3.0 it placing video capability along with advanced software for editing to offer portable camcorder capabilities which will allow the user to shoot video, edit and view on the iPhone display.

This is of course all speculation states palluxo, as no official announcements have come from Apple. Peter Burrows of Business Week thinks Apple is developing the camcorder features in secret, and he believes this because of Apple’s continued silence over video in their March iPhone 3.0 advance preview.

There are always plenty of rumours when a new iPhone is mentioned, and no doubt if Apple intends putting video camcorder capabilities in the iPhone we will find out during WWDC 2009


One thought on “Recap: New Apple iPhone 3.0 Speculations”

  1. Corbs says:

    Wtf, this is the worst article I’ve ever read:

    Title: “Recap: New Apple Iphone 3.0 speculations”

    Main body: One poorly written sentence about how video editing is coming to iPhone.

    Two poorly written sentences about people that don’t/do think this will happen

    Concluding line: ‘We’ll wait and see’.


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