Palm Pre Vs iPhone 3G: Sprint and Apple Price Battle

Palm has now unveiled the Palm Pre pricing which is $199 on a 2 year Sprint contract on Everything Data plan or Business Essentials with Messaging and Data plan. This pricing puts the Palm Pre in the same price game as the iPhone 3G says Cnet.

However, Sprint and Palm should have played the clever game and maybe come in with a lower price for the Palm Pre knowing that AT&T is looking at cutting data plan cost for the iPhone, and that Apple is about to drop a new iPhone which they could well put out at even a lower price to grab any potential customers from the Palm Pre.

Although if comparing plans Sprints Everything Data plan starts at $69.99 when considering all the inclusions while AT&T requires a total of $89.99 with the extra services, a difference of $20 which could add up over the months.

The thing is though will a $20 per month difference be enough to squash the iPhone’s attraction, and if Apple does push out the new iPhone even cheaper then the Pre may not stand a chance.

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