Palm Pre Way Behind in Mobile App Stakes

Today’s smartphones are much like computers whereby great software will sell the hardware; this of course remains to be seen with the Palm Pre once it launches on the 6th of June. The lack of applications on the Palm Pre may cause a problem as apps usually help the sell.

Applications are the name of the game with new smartphones and with the new iPhone arriving with the new iPhone OS 3.0 the Palm Pre are going to face some stiff competition according to product-reviews.

We all know Palm has a rather bad history within certain circles and this history could cause problems when it comes to developers and their support for the Palm Pre. The iPhone is way ahead of the game with mobile applications, a game that Palm may find difficult to catch up in.


One thought on “Palm Pre Way Behind in Mobile App Stakes”

  1. joe johnson says:

    there r over 30,000 apps available. the pre will b able to run all palm os apps. palms r better than iphones now with cut and paste and video recording now so why dont u include those when u talk about apps. palm has been around for years with thousands of apps.

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