Videos: Palm Pre Emulator Video Tour Collection

What we have for our readers today is a wealth of videos on the Palm Pre smartphone. You’ve already seem images from the developer emulator, now this collection of videos brings together the full tour.

The following Palm Pre videos cover the browser, tasks, memos, conference call, features, organising icons, profile & backup, copy and paste, messaging, Q&A 1, settings, Youtube application, contacts, phone settings, Google Maps, Q&A 2 and part 2, and calendar.

That’s a fair old whack of videos to get your teeth into on the Palm Pre, so hit them up below and enjoy getting to know the Palm Pre.


One thought on “Videos: Palm Pre Emulator Video Tour Collection”

  1. I was wondering, does the phone have the ability to forward contacts. I know the Centro does this but it is not a function I have seen on the videos. Also does the phone have VVM, I believe this is available on a few other Sprint phones and was not able to tell from the videos if it has this feature either.


    Great Job on the videos, it is curbing my Pre need…momentarily anyway.

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