iPhone 2009 Speculation Roundup as WWDC Nears

Apple’s WWDC event is nearly upon us, and it is widely expected Apple will unveil the new iPhone 2009, although nothing has been confirmed, speculation is wide on what can be expected.

According to a roundup of rumours on smartphones.about.com, the most detailed reports on the new iPhone came via a Chinese website which posted new iPhone features such as a 3.2MP camera, 32GB storage, FM receiver, 256MB of RAM and a 600 MHz processor.

Further rumour has it that a new iPhone will sport an OLED screen, video chat and there was even a posted release date of July the 17th after an official announcement during WWDC. The big question is though is whether any or all of these rumours will materialise as true at WWDC.


3 thoughts on “iPhone 2009 Speculation Roundup as WWDC Nears”

  1. Robert says:

    Can’t wait for the release.
    I am definitely getting the 32gig one.

    I am also getting the iTouch v2.
    2009 is going to be fun for me.

  2. sadler says:

    guys i’m sorry to break your hearts but there has been rumours of this happening for ages, however it doesnt mean its true, i mean look at the iphone nano rumour, how does that make sense to Apples’ business plan at all, a wafer thin phone minimal storage, when the one they have at the moment cant me made lighter? But all this talk about making this phone like a super “3” phone where you can make video calls would kind of compromise the design of the front. Anyway being closely realted to Apple i havent heard a word about a new phone because all of their time has been invested in the new super featured OS3 which in my opinion kicks spending another 200 bucks for a 32gb upgrade just because i want to marry Apple!
    So think about it don’t believe rumours until the company actually verifys it.

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