HTC Magic Turns Android OPhone for China Mobile

The word is HTC plan to begin offering an Android based smartphone as of next month in China and will be a version of the HTC Magic claims Cnet.

The HTC Magic is apparently to be customised with software from China Mobile and will join China Mobile’s OPhone range.

When China Mobile launches the customised HTC Magic in June although the pricing hasn’t been confirmed it is speculated the mobile phone will cost somewhere in the region of 5000 yuan which is roughly $732, which is somewhat expensive for a handset worth around $450.


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  1. i am from china, i would like to comment that HTC is much more famous than iphone any any smart phone provider from europe and amercia. they capture the single biggest market share of smart mobile phone in china . their diamond series is clone like of iphone and finally flight down iphone in china and taiwan and india. it’s due to they are much cheaper than iphoine, good connection with post and telecom authority. and the important is that they always launch the smart phone faster than import phone. when palm launched the smart phone, they launch the similiar too. when windows CE launched, they use it for the smart phone too. and now, android is their newest investment of launching the first android in china too.

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