Amazon to ship Nokia N97 as of June 25th

If you are eagerly awaiting the Nokia N97, you may like to know that according to Amazon the Nokia N97 will be in stock on June the 25th according to a post on engadget mobile.

If so, then this places the availability of the Nokia N97 smack in the middle of the Palm Pre and new iPhone fight which no doubt everyone will be watching and may add a twist to the fight.

Amazon to ship Nokia N97 as of June 25th

Furthermore, if you consider Nokia’s history with such Amazon announcements we can expect the Nokia N97 to hit the Nokia flagship stores a couple of days before Amazon begins to ship.


One thought on “Amazon to ship Nokia N97 as of June 25th”

  1. Lei says:

    I would assume this is in Amazon UK? because in US still doesn’t say the shippin date, but i already preordered mine 2 weeks ago and they sent me email confirmation that my item will be shipped between June 11-june 24

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