Nokia N97 Support Page now online

According to a post on mivadika, Nokia has now launched the official Support Page for the Nokia N97 smartphone a week after launching the official Nokia N97 website.

The Nokia N97 Support Page offers potential customers access to various Nokia OC software like Nokia Software Updater, and Nokia PC Suite which is compatible with the Nokia N97.

Nokia N97 Support Page now online

There is also a final version of the Nokia N97 User manual which is available as a PDF file for download, along with forum discussion and compatible accessories, and this Support Page launch signifies the Nokia N97 one step closer to being released.


7 thoughts on “Nokia N97 Support Page now online”

  1. Paul says:

    I did the same on the 28th of May. Same Vodafone deal as yourself it sounds. However by yesterday the same site was offering T-Mobile deals as well. Not sure they are as good albeit about £5 cheaper but with less free allowances. Still a cracking deal if you ask me, though!

  2. Susan says:

    When I ordered I had a choice of Vodafone or T-Mobile but personally I prefer Vodafone so went with that.

    Cant wait for the phone to arrive now! Any ideas when yours is going to arrive?

  3. Paul McGugan says:

    The chap from MobilePhones Direct was adament that it would be between the 16th and the 28th of this month. I suspect closer to the latter as the 28th is the date given for service providers stores. Nokia seem to have the 18th for Global release with Nokia stores being the first suppliers in the UK, starting with Regent St. London.

  4. lee says:

    ordered the white from nokia shop for £499, keeping my o2 12 month simplicity contract, 800mins, 1600txts, unlimited web, 20quid per month, dont want the black one, and definitely dont want ‘vodafone’ logos plastered all over it!

    the MobilePhones Direct deal does work out slightly cheaper but im staying faithfull to o2 due to their customer service
    (tried threatening to leave o2 to see if i could blag more free minutes but it didnt work, yet!)

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