Verizon Smartphone Kings: New iPhone and Palm Pre 2009

There has been talk that the speedy roll out of Verizon’s LTE next generation wireless broadband could possibly be a driver for Apple to give the iPhone to Verizon. Verizon is also expected to gain the Palm Pre a short time after Sprint.

Now kiplinger states that a Bernstein report says Apple could double sales of their iPhone if Verizon begins selling the iconic handset. Apple would definitely benefit, but Verizon would also come out a big winner.

Verizon and their LTE network has a few advantages over AT&T such as Verizon LTE can handle the video streaming that will soon rule the iPhone. And then there is AT&T’s reputation and that people simply don’t wish to sign up with AT&T. Therefore, if Verizon does snag both the Pam Pre smartphone and the new iPhone it would surely make them king of the smartphone arena.


5 thoughts on “Verizon Smartphone Kings: New iPhone and Palm Pre 2009”

  1. mike says:

    before you go bashing at&t too much there, must you be reminded that Palm already announced that they are going to make a GSM version of the Palm Pre? AND if there is a new iPhone its going to be with at&t? Making at&t kings of the smartphone market. Don’t forget that if verizon get a smartphone they are going to cripple it with their VZ software. And on top of that, the Apple-at&t contract isnt up until sometime in 2010.

  2. Not Right says:

    This isn’t right…AT&T has exclusivity in the US for the iPhone. The discussions between Apple and Verizon more likely circle around a new Apple (non-iPhone) product set to compete with netbooks but at a slightly higher ($700-$800) price range.

  3. Umm says:

    AT+T has contractual obligations with iPhone only into 2010. This is fact. Secondly, these discussions with Verizon Wireless are absolutely centered around the iPhone. This is widely known as what we humans call common knowledge. AT+T blows in many, many areas including boroughs of New York City except for Manhattan. They would be foolish to stay on exclusively with AT+T.

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