Palm Pre Best Buy Launch Stock Availability Revealed

By now virtually everyone will be aware that on launch the Palm Pre smartphone will be in somewhat of a short supply, but just how dismal can we expect that Palm Pre stock to be?

Well, everythingpre has managed to get hold of a couple of alleged screens showing Best Buy stock figures for the soon to be launched Pre.

Palm Pre Best Buy Launch Stock Availability Revealed

These images show Best Buy stores in Florida and Texas will hold 18 to 20 Palm Pre smartphones while other locations get a dismal and extremely disappointing 2 or maybe if they are lucky 3. So I would say to those who are waiting to grab the Palm Pre, don’t bank on getting it on launch day.


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  1. Frosty says:

    You missed the comments on the screen shots from a BestBuy employee who stated that even though it says they have X number of phones ordered, that does not mean that is how many they have in stock.

    He went further to mention that it showed his store as having (going from memory) around 15 phones in stock already, and several more ordered.

    The column in the chart for in stock phones, won’t be updated until June 6th when they can sell them.

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