Palm Pre Limited Launch to Avoid iPhone Like Queues?

Could Palm and Sprint be limiting Palm Pre availability at launch to avoid the massive lines of prospective customers that was seen when Apple launched the Apple iPhone?

Intomobile speculates that this is the case, as InsideSprintNow put some light on the Palm Pre activation procedure along with Sprint’s activation procedure.

Apparently the Palm Pre will be activated by Sprint agents thus enabling the Palm Pre owner to finalise activation via the Pre’s “Hands-free Activation” feature. One thing with limiting the Palm Pre is that Sprint agents won’t get too overworked.


2 thoughts on “Palm Pre Limited Launch to Avoid iPhone Like Queues?”

  1. Frosty says:

    Bah, too little coffee and no edit button!

    I meant to say that they had 15 in stock already, and the document only showed them as having a few ordered.

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