T-Mobile G2 Android Phone coming July

T-Mobile has announced they are ready to launch the successor to the Android T-Mobile G1 the G2 for early next month, and during the I/O conference, Google gave every member of the audience an HTC Magic, and thus Macworld believes the HTC Magic will be the T-Mobile G2.

Melissa J. Perenson of Macworld attended the I/O conference last week and gained a hands-on with the HTC Magic and she found there is a lot to like about the Magic with its slimmer profile and smaller size.

However, if the T-Mobile G2 does launch next month it will face some stiff competition with the launch of the Palm Pre, and the possibility of a new iPhone and of course not forgetting the Nokia N97. All in All the summer months are shaping up to be quite a smartphone battle.

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