Belkin TuneCast Auto Live and GPS-Assisted FM Transmitter with iPhone Application

Belkin has now introduced its new TuneCast Auto Live FM transmitter and ClearScan Live software application confirms the virtualpressoffice, which allows iPhones and iPod Touch users to easily operate their FM transmitter to locate the best radio frequency to play music in their vehicle.

Belkin’s ClearScan Live enables the iPhoner to display FM frequencies and controls on the iPhone screen. The hardware and software combination is the 1st to enable an iPhone app to control GPS coordinates and FM transmission to determine the best FM frequency at the iPhoner’s location.

Belkin’s TuneCast Auto Live delivers the ability of iPhone OS 3.0 to enable app control opf hardware accessories with the ClearScan Live app being the first to interact with an iPhone FM transmitter accessory.

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