New iphone 2009: 3.0 firmware, software update release, WWDC

WWDC 2009 is only 3 days away now and the excitement is crushing our stomachs, we hear at phonesreview.co.uk are looking forward to the new iPhone, OS 3.0 and hopefully the appearance of Steve Jobs at the WWDC event.

The all new 3.0 firmware release which was announced in March has been on our minds so much and even the hope of a brand new iPhone 2009 handset, the question is “When will 3.0 debut”?.

Apple mentioned in March that OS 3.0 would appear this Summer and that the firmware and software will hit the market sometime early July, we can see this being true because it was July 2008 when we got the iPhone 3G model, seem like Apple loves July.

There are many rumours saying that 3.0 may release next Monday (Who Knows — all speculation, we will keep you posted), we know about the recent release of iTunes 8.2 and it supports the idea with indications of Apple may be a lot closer with its 3.0 update than originally thought. Answer out poll below of when you think 3.0 will be released.

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Source – TUAW


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