Poll: Will WWDC 2009 be a major disappointment?

There are so many rumours surrounding WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) 2009 and must admit we are excited, hopefully when it all kicks off on Monday June 8 the excitement sticks.

We read an article over on Fortune which is very interesting because it reports that Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster fears that the WWDC this year that Apple is hosting in San Francisco may possibly be disappointing to investors.

We all know that Apple will drive iPhone sales through the roof there is no denying that and even Munster agrees, the sales will be good thanks to new models being implemented and of course lowering the prices and entering new markets will help (You know like China).

A few fears that come to mind is about Apple revealing a new iPhone and regardless of new phones that may be announced at WWDC we know that there will be releases in July sometime, new iPhones are definitely coming it is a matter of will they be announced at this event.

Many of us including investors are hoping for the all new cheaper iPhone to be announced and with a price tag of $99 with a cheaper price plan to boot, Munster says that it is more likely to be somewhere around $149. Another downside is that Steve Jobs will not be attending due to illness, but hopes are that Jobs will return before the end of June (We will keep you posted on this).

One of the main highlights has got to be OS X Snow Leopard and of course the all new iPhone 3.0 software, fears have it that the demo may be a little disappointing. Answer our poll question below and cast your votes please.

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