New iPhone OS 3.0: Ads will be context-specific and user-specific

The highly anticipated new Apple iPhone OS 3.0 is definitely exciting many of us and all we hear about is what we can expect to see, we have already heard about the new iPhone 2009 getting video capabilities, digital compass, and matte finish back cover and so on and so on, roll on WWDC 2009.

Well let’s talk a little about iPhone ads: if you ask us the iPhone has one of the best operating systems in the smartphone world of which will only get better and better over a period of time, this is all about a new phase of innovation for mobile advertisers. Some interesting how to’s:

1) How its ad units can take advantage of all this social networking hubub; 2) how to incorporate search into ads; and 3) how to do it all with interactive ads that don’t subtract too much from our productivity. “The next few months is about helping our app developers integrate and be ready for the next OS,” says Jason Spero, AdMob’s VP and GM of North American operations.

There is loads of motivation to get iPhone ads right and we suggest AdMob knows this, Apple in fact makes up over 40 percent of their ad views which is way more than the likes of Windows, Android or even BlackBerry. iPhone ads will get better as so will all apps for the iPhone, just imaging what capabilities will lie in wait when we get iPhone OS 4.0 or 5.0 etc.

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