Do you think new iPhone 2009 will bury the Palm Pre?

As we know the Palm Pre smartphone was rather quietly launched on Saturday. We are also hearing that there seems to be a few problems with the smartphone, as some buyers are posting complaints to the internet.

Today sees the start of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, and it is highly expected that the new iPhone 2009 or what is rumoured to now be called the iPhone 3GS will be unveiled.

If Apple does unveil the iPhone 3GS and gets it out to the public in rapid succession would the Palm Pre be buried under the onslaught of the new iPhone 2009? There are literally thousands of iPhone customers all waiting to see if a new iPhone will appear and potential new customers waiting in the wings which personally I think if the new iPhone does appear it will strike a devastating blow to Palm Pre sales.


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One thought on “Do you think new iPhone 2009 will bury the Palm Pre?”

  1. pgc says:

    if it has a forward facing video chat camera it will crush every phone in the world, and AT&T will be your new big brother, which they don’t deserve because they suck as a company, but an integrated iPhone/Mac/TV/etc. experience with video — that is one hard puppy to pass by in the window ;o)

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