Is OS 3.0 software more important than new iPhone 2009 device?

The time is getting nearer to WWDC 2009 which is where it will all happen, Apple WWDC is very important indeed but we would love to know is OS 3.0 software more important than new iPhone 2009 device?

A report over on telegraph.co.uk has an article saying ‘Why the iPhone’s new software could be more important than a new handset’, there are speculations that the all new iPhone will not even be mentioned at this event because it is more about the software not the device; of course we will keep you posted.

The all new and already-announced iPhone 3.0 software update could be more important that the handset anyway, last year the software was fantastic where things that were revealed included the App Store, push email, Microsoft Exchange support and much more; surely this year will bring more important additions.

Look what the software has brought us today: In just over 9-months there has been well over a billion downloads, apps for basically everything, iPhone 3.0 will bring new things such as copy and paste, push notifications, ability to call up Spotlight, introduction of a micropayment system, Bluetooth-based connectivity, possibility of multi-player gaming, send picture text messages, composing emails and messages in landscape mode, the list goes on and of course we will keep you notified on all the latest news.

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