Is RIM under pressure against new iPhone 2009 and Palm Pre?

Poll: RIM (Research In Motion) has got to get back on course to fight against rivals Apple and Sprint, we know that the Palm Pre release on Saturday June 6 and that the all new iPhone 2009 3.0 is hopefully being mentioned tonight at WWDC 2009, the question is “Is RIM under pressure against new iPhone 2009 and Palm Pre”?

RIM has had success with the Bold, Curve and of course the BlackBerry Storm but RIM really need to push the boat out a little here with the BlackBerry Storm 2 smartphone, or indeed a touchscreen Bold, whether they can do it is another question.

When it comes to the market Apple has doubled their shares of the global smartphone market to 10% last quarter, whereas RIM has sustained its hold to about 20%, we can see Apple smashing records this year with its new software OS 3.0, the new iPhone 2009 smartphone, new Macbooks, possible iPhone nano, Leopard and much more.

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One thought on “Is RIM under pressure against new iPhone 2009 and Palm Pre?”

  1. cs says:

    Not enough choices here. The Pre, being a new device, could cut into RIM’s share, but not the 2009 iphone, or any future iphone attached to a single network. The killer for RIM would have been if Apple wisely expanded to additional carriers, namely Verizon. But let’s face it, while the newest iphone will probably sell, it won’t do alot to increase share (read: current iphone users upgrading their phone). Waiting around for isn’t a wise choice for Apple. Today they could have killed it with a Verizon announcement, but the likelihood of a 2010 Verizon iphone launch means decreasing returns as the Pre, Storm 2, and multiple Android phones will pull away potential adopters between now and then. AT&T must be paying a hefty price to prevent Apple from making a wise marketing decision.

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