WWDC 2009: New iPhone, OS 3.0 prediction wish list

It is getting so close now, just over an hour to go and WWDC 2009 begins. Apple you really know how to keep us hanging, got the shakes just thinking about it, so why we do wait for it all to kick off let’s talk about predictions and the wish list shall we.

We have covered so many articles on WWDC, iPhone 3.0, the new software and so much more, we have covered rumours, predictions and so forth. What will the new iPhone look like, what will the new operating system give us, will the apps be much better, what new specs and features will the new phone consist off, the list goes on.

We and of course yourselves would love to see: Much faster Processer, more RAM, make surfing the Web much faster, faster downloads, OLED screen, longer battery life, better camera with around 3.2 megapixels or more, front facing camera for conference calls, ability to forward text and image messages, iPhone Video, 32GB capacity model or higher, digital compass and higher screen resolution.

The above are all predictions and on top of ours and your wishlist, whilst you sit back for one more hour waiting for WWDC 2009 to kick off (6pm UK time) get the comments coming in and sign up to our free newsletter for updates.

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