Palm Pre problems appear a day after launch

Saturday saw the rather subdued launch of the Palm Pre, and as with normal launches is isn’t that long after a newly released smartphone gets into the public’s hands that the complaints start rolling in.

It’s still a little early to whether the Palm Pre will house all the normal defects but according to engadget mobile complaints are already slowly tickling onto the net.

There are apparently complaints from early adopted of distorted, “splotchy” or discoloured displays. Reports of Palm Pre system shutdowns which need the battery pulled to gain a resolve. There are also reports that text fields in the web browser don’t support symbols which are not on the keyboard.

So if you have purchased a new Palm Pre and are experiencing any problems then feel free to drop us a comment below.


4 thoughts on “Palm Pre problems appear a day after launch”

  1. Rob says:

    Got a Pre Saturday and downloaded the 1.2 update.

    I synced the info from my old palmOs desktop app to the phone and to google.

    From the start the calendar app is operating very slowly. It can take up to 45 sec. to process a change made to the calendar. The contacts list occasionally runs slow as well. A few of my contacts will not process any changes made to them. When I enter a change, the pre takes 30 to 45 seconds to process it and then goes back to the unchanged version.

    I have yet to speak with anyone at sprint or palm about this as I have been out of the country and just got back this morning but so far, I’m dissapointed.

    Battery life is abysmal.

  2. Chris Walker says:

    One HUGE problem is that the Palm Pre doesn’t properly support MS Exchange push mail. They claimed to support it on their hype sites, but now that the rubber hits the road, the car drove right into a ditch.

    In order to properly support MS Exchange push mail with most companies and providers that want security, the Pre should support exchange EAS PIN-locking. Every Pre rival (WinMo, iPhone, Instinct, BlackBerry, etc) supports it, and even the old Palm phones (like the Centro) support it. The Pre is going to sink like the Lusitania because the developers didn’t get this basic security item straight.

    That’s a shame too. I’d bet there is a 30% return rate (or higher) if they don’t get this fixed fast. What were they thinking? Maybe they weren’t…

  3. David says:

    The battery life is a major issue.

    The calendar cannot handle a reminder longer than an hour and less than a day. Cannot repeat annually or monthly appointments.

    And the latest! Where is the quick dial?

  4. LaNita says:

    I was unaware that it would not come with a video-recording feature. The sensor that detects your face being against the phone during an active call obviously detects your face when it’s not there too, resulting in a pitch black screen when I’m trying to answer a call coming through on the other end or trying to do anything that doesn’t require me talking into the phone.

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