After WWDC: Steve Jobs or Tim Cook as Apple CEO?

In the absence of Apple big guy Steve Jobs, Apple’s COO Tim Cook has guided the helm; now with the rumour that Steve Jobs may be making a comeback at WWDC 2009 and taking back the helm by the end of June there is speculation as to when Tim Cook will replace Jobs as CEO reports businessweek.

Cook has done a fine job in running Apple since Jobs went on medical leave, and there is much debate on whether and if so just how soon Tim Cook may succeed Steve Jobs as CEO with the argument being, appoint Cook CEO now and let Jobs be chairman.

Jobs is known for his creative vision and minutest attention to details; Cook is known for his command of operations which generated some $32 billion in sales last year. As chairman, Jobs could remain as the “face of Apple” while as CEO, Cook could continue to do a fine job overseeing operations.


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