WWDC 2009: What will happen to Tim Cook when Steve Jobs returns?

Poll: We are asking the question “What will happen to Tim Cook when Steve Jobs returns”? Oh yes this is the Apple’s CEO Conundrum. Will Tim Cook be named CEO? Yes we know that is a nother question but you have to ponder the thought.

Tim Cook has done an outstanding job since Steve Jobs has been away and Steve Jobs will be returning at the end of June with the hope of a special appearance at WWDC 2009, what will Jobs return mean to customers, developers, investors and of course most importantly the employees, Tim Cook run the day-to-day running during the CEO’s medical leave which means surely a very good promotion is in line for Cook.

Should Tim Cook be named CEO, or what about Chief Innovation Officer? Since Cook took over the reins Apple’s stock performance was not fantastic which left Apple shares falling by more than $2, closing at $85.33, they continued to fall and change over a period of time proceeding to fall to an additional $7, they have now got together a very healthy 85% since then closing at $144.67 on June 5.
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Source – Business Week

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