Apple WWDC 2009: Expected Unveil Changes with New iPhone

At the WWDC 2009 event which kicks off today will see expected changes to the Apple iPhone, this is all part of the competition to fight off other rival smartphones.

The San Francisco worldwide development conference is very big indeed this week and with the announcements being made later today should carry out some very exciting news, the all new iPhone model will apparently have twice as much memory, better camera for video shooting, expected matte finish back cover and the metal rim replaced.

Expected changes to the software will hopefully happen as well with the all new revamped smartphone as well, we can see this putting a major dent in sales that will smash the Palm Pre which is normal really with Apple.

We will keep you up-to date all day today and the rest of the week about WWDC 2009 and of course everything to do with the new iPhone and OS 3.0.


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