New iPhone 3G S Business Prices: Tariffs

With the new iPhone 3G S O2 had now published their business tariffs which will be Unlimited calls to any O2 mobile phone; Unlimited calls to 10 UK landlines; Unlimited data, visual voice mail and email; and Unlimited WiFi over 7500 hotspots through BT Openzone networks and The Cloud.

The Business tariff allows for more than one iPhone and other handsets on the same account but all on a single bill with options for 24 or 36 month contracts with further info and pricing to follow.

Taking your iPhone 3G S abroad with O2 will get cost, downloading data £2.94 per MB in the European Union while £6 per MB anywhere else. However if you are a heavy user of email and internet it’s probably best to opt for a Data Abroad Bolt On.

The new iPhone 3G S will arrive on June the 19th however the iPhone 3G is readily available and if you decide to purchase the new 8GB now, iPhone OS 3.0 can be downloaded from the 17th of June with over 100 new features.

Furthermore if you wish to retain your number all you need to do is call your network and ask for your PAC code. If you already have your PAC code on purchase and have no more than 25 handsets on your account O2 will move your numbers over within 5 working days.

On purchase you will be required to connect to iTunes for activation and your PC will require these specs so iTunes can run…Windows PC USB 2.0 port, Windows XP Home, Professional with service pack 2 or later or Windows Vista, iTunes v8.2 or later…Mac, USB 2.0 port, Mac OS X v10.4.10 or later and iTunes v8.2 or later.

When you renew your contract with O2 you may be able to upgrade, and there is a possibility you can upgrade even when not renewing your contract as long as you have been a customer for more than 12 months. This will require you to move over to one of O2’s current business tariffs, and an iPhone 3G Bolt On and sign a new 24 or 36 month agreement.

Just contact O2 and let them know what you’d like if you wish to upgrade and they will contact you within 24 hours, or if you have a special deal you’ll need to speak to your O2 Account Manager.

Having all your mobile phones on a single account enables you to share minutes, texts and receive everything on a single bill, so should you wish to move your iPhone onto your business account O2 will need an email from you informing them of…

The business mobile number you want to upgrade…which iPhone 3G you’d like 8GB or 16GB…the number of the iPhone you want to move if you’ve got one… whether you’d like the other iPhone model if you can’t get the one you’ve asked for… your business account number, or the number of the business account you’d like to re-join…confirmation of the account holder who’s agreed the transfer…

Which tariff you’d like this phone to be connected to: Small Business Regular User – Primary or as iPhone 3G sharer – Small Business Frequent User – Primary or as iPhone 3G sharer – Medium Business Regular User – Primary or as iPhone 3G sharer – Large Business Regular User – Primary or as iPhone 3G sharer – Large Business Frequent User – Primary or as iPhone 3G sharer – Super User – Best for Business PAYU – your contract length 24 or 36 months — and any Bolt Ons you’d like to add.

Should you require to upgrade or more your iPhone 3G back to your O2 business account you will be required to sign a new 24 month agreement on one of O2’s current business tariffs along with the iPhone 3G Bolt On.

However if you wish to keep your current iPhone 3G you can move back to your O2 business account and retain your contract length although you will need to transfer to a comparable business tariff.


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