New iPhone 3G S Corporate Prices: Tariffs

If you are looking for a corporate tariff which one should you get? O2 has many options to choose from, but to gain the most benefit from your iPhone you will require the iPhone Bolt On which gives you unlimited downloading, web browsing and email along with unlimited WiFi via The Cloud and BT Openzone hotspots.

The majority of O2’s corporate customers use their Pay as You Use Best for Business, and Mobile Extension voice tariffs. The iPhone 3G Bolt On is priced at £15 per month excluding VAT on top of the voice tariff. You can view all O2 Corporate tariffs here.

Again, as with O2 Business Tariffs, if you wish to use your iPhone abroad data downloading will cost £2.94 per MB in the European Union and £6 per MB anywhere else, while if you are a heavy user of email and Internet it may be best to opt for O2’s Data Abroad Bolt On.

The iPhone 3G is already available and the new iPhone 3G S arrives on the 19th of June, however if you wish to purchase the 8GB now you can download the iPhone OS 3.0 as of the 17th of June. If you want one you will need one of O2’s current corporate tariffs, along with an iPhone 3G Bolt On and a new 24 month minimum contract. For further info you can ring for free on 0800 089 1202.

To upgrade your iPhone 3G, contact your O2 Account Manager or customer services team who can talk you through the options available.

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