Poll: Will you switch from 3G to new iPhone 3G S?

There are so many mixed reactions at the moment with the all new Apple iPhone 3G S and of course OS 3.0 software, the announcement of the new iPhone and software came last night and with the price cut of the current 3G model we was wondering if people will stay with the current 3G version.

We was on the ball last night with WWDC 2009 last night and must say we are happy at some things and pretty disappointed about some things, ok so launching applications will be better and the new iPhone 3G S will be much faster, it does indeed have a better camera but is this enough?

O2 still has exclusivity in the UK and if you are already on a contract with your iPhone you will have to pay what’s left running on your contract; for example if you still have 6-months left running you have to pay the full six months before upgrading to the new iPhone 3G S, so this could possibly mean many will opt out of the early upgrade.

Prices for an 18-month contract for the new phone will cost you £184.98 for the 16GB version and £274.23 for the 32GB version.

Ok the new iPhone does feature the likes of digital compass, voice recognition, improved data speeds, much better battery life, faster web browsing, ability to record and upload video to YouTube, data encryption, better graphics, five hours of talk time and nine hours of internet surfing and video camera but is this enough?

The new iPhone goes on sale in the UK on 19th of June and the 8GB iPhone 3G which will cost $99 from 19 June in the U.S, this price cut will not apply in the UK.

The all new software OS 3.0 will feature the likes of cut, copy and paste, tethering, upgrade to Safari and improvements in search and a few other bits. Please answer our poll below and get you vote in please.

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