AT&T happy with iPhone 3G S data pricing; Are You?

Okay, the word according to Intomobile, who garnered the info from a WSJ article, AT&T is “happy” with its price on data plans. And if AT&T is “happy” then don’t expect to see any price lowering in the near future.

Apparently Mark Siegel, spokesperson for AT&T said: “We’ve been very happy with our pricing,” and went on to confirm that current unlimited data plan pricing will be in effect for the launch of the iPhone 3G S.

So there you have it, AT&T is “happy” so it would seem that the many AT&T iPhone customers simply have to accept that and be “happy” about it as well, right?


2 thoughts on “AT&T happy with iPhone 3G S data pricing; Are You?”

  1. What they are happy about is that they have a MONOPOLY on the iPhone and can screw everyone who wants one. We need to BOYCOTT AT$T and demand the iPhone on another carrier.

  2. Marc says:

    Many AT&T iPhone customers simply have to accept that and be “happy” about it as well, right? NO. Not by a long shot! AT&T better watch its revenue stream in the coming months as it begins to decrease. Seriously, who in their right mind is going to spend more money on hardware and service costs?!! Now compound this with the current state of the economy and the uncertainty of where the President’s administration policies are taking us!! AT&T is out of touch and in for a rude awaking!!

    My decision to defer the purchase of the IPhone 3G S by 12 months is all AT&T based. I refuse to spend any money for this overpriced hardware and worst of all for the AT&T service that is subpar and is always playing catchup on technology. Come on! AT&T can’t even have the needed services ready for the new generation IPhone rollouts. So, my decision to defer a year places me near the end of my AT&T service contract, a new generation IPhone will roll out, and hopefully Apple will have negotiated with other service carriers to grow their product line and gain “true” market penetration! If Apple stays with AT&T, I’ll have explored different options to AT&T.

    As for AT&T being happy, they seriously have a communication problem . . . they are pushing new and established customers to look at other carriers! Remember folks, AT&T already declared bankruptcy once.

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