Palm Pre support with New WordPress Mobile Edition 3.0.5

Good news for all Palm Pre and WordPress users, the new WordPress Mobile Edition 3.0.5 now supports the Palm Pre.

The Palm Pre which was recently released is a very important smartphone and the man behind WordPress plugins AlexKing has at last decided to include support for the WebOS-based Palm Pre in its WordPress Mobile Edition 3.0.5 plugin.

Palm Pre users can now mange their WordPress blog or blogs whilst on the move; the new wordpress Mobile Edition 3.0.5 has a few fixes also (fixes a CSS bug that was referencing a non-existent image). Below are a few of the changes:

1. Added the Palm Pre as a touch device.
2. Added support for the Palm Pre (and other Palm webOS devices).
3. Fixed a CSS bug that was referencing a non-existent image.

For more information please visit alexking.org


One thought on “Palm Pre support with New WordPress Mobile Edition 3.0.5”

  1. There is another option if you don’t want to wait for a new update of the mobile plugin for new devices.

    It’s called the Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin for WordPress and it knows everything about every device in the world – even those that haven’t left the lab. It works for every single device, from a WML phone to a brand new swanky phone with XHTML. Images are dynamically resized and you get the option to really customize your blog any way you want.

    In addition, you can upload mobile logos and style your site so the mobile version matches the website and you retain your brand identity. You also get control over your mobile SEO – more than other mobile plugins!

    If you fancy giving it a go, the URL is http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wapple-architect/ – it’d be great to hear your feedback!

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