New iPhone 3GS Vs iPhone 3.0: Phone or Software?

Yes we have the iPhone 3G S hardware on its way, and we also have the iPhone 3.0 software on its way, but which is more important, could iPhone OS 3.0 been enough without Apple delivering iPhone 3G S?

iPhone OS 3.0 offers much not only to the iPhone 3G S but also upgrading the iPhone 3G, whereas the iPhone 3G S without iPhone OS 3.0 would be a stand alone smartphone but would offer less.

Basically anyone and everyone will no doubt download iPhone OS 3.0 unless you wish to jailbreak your handset of course. But would the iPhone 3G S be as popular if iPhone OS 3.0 wasn’t coming out, after all it does bring that much sort after cut/copy & paste.

So readers, your views…Phone or Software?



6 thoughts on “New iPhone 3GS Vs iPhone 3.0: Phone or Software?”

  1. Remo says:

    The iPhone 3gs sports many hardware changes and the 3.0 OS that comes with the 3gs is different than the one you get with the 2g or 3g because of the new hardware, ie, the auto focus software, white balance control, video recording, voice control, OpenGL 2.0, etc.

    So the iPhone 3gs is a lot different than what comes with the 3.0 OS. If they hadn’t come out with the 3.0 OS, then they would have had to come up with at least a 2.5 version to run the new hardware.

  2. Sean says:

    The new 3GS would be amazing to get if upgrading from 3G to 3GS would be cheaper than $400 with the features of voice control and the camera alone. The OS brings a lot of great changes to the phone for free (we still have to wait for some depending on our service provider) so price wise the OS itself is great if we could get the new phone at contract price then switching phones would be preferred by me.

  3. Horizons says:

    I think that the new iphone 3gs will be better.iphone 2 and 3g will still be good with new software,only thing it will be missing out will be ther video camera and some other hardware. But unless u can afford to get new iphone or even pay off your old one for the new one then i would consider getting it.

  4. Paul says:

    The specs on the Apple website are the specs normal end-users will see and digest when they decide what phone they’re going to buy. I compared the specs of both the 3G and 3GS and the major differences were in the camera; battery life remains very similar, both phones will obviously run the 3.0 OS…

    Obviously there’ll be a few extra features – OpenGL 2.0 is one Remo mentioned, faster loading speeds (it’s quick enough already!) – and I know a lot of people use their phone camera as their main one. However I’m not sold on the 3GS and won’t be jacking in my 3G for what appears on the most part to be a camera upgrade.

    iPhone 3.0 OS for me, please.

  5. DoctorSherwan says:

    The smartest phone company is iPhone coz they know what they are doing and their stuff is totally different amd all other brands try hoplessly to mimic iPhoen.
    Nokia, for example , had N97 which is nothing but N95 with sliding keyboard !!
    Again, iPhone 3GS proved to be the best, not only because of the software, but a faster processor and more space to save files (Memory=32 Gega Byte!)(.

  6. Jmick says:

    I have an iphone 3gs and i let my girlfriend use my old 3g, and at first yes the upgrades at first don’t seem worth the hassle or the money. however whenever i would use my old 3g i would notice a down grade instantly. running alot slower, not as crisp, and longer wait times. it was like a nuisance to use. i am extremely content with my 3gs, and cant wait for 4g.

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