Can BlackBerry Tour 9630 take on iPhone 3G S?

Research In Motion needs to win back some market share and aims to do it by launching the new BlackBerry Tour 9630, but can they claw back what they have lost to the Apple iPhone now that the iPhone 3G S is on its way?

According to an article on infotech, RIM CEO Jim Balsillie has stated in an interview that the new BlackBerry Tour 9630 will launch on Verizon Wireless and Sprint in the US and on Bell and Telus in Canada.

But with the likes of the iPhone 3G S soon to be out and no doubt available world wide, rivals such as RIM, Nokia, Palm, and Samsung will have to fight hard and long to best the iconic handset in the mobile arena.


One thought on “Can BlackBerry Tour 9630 take on iPhone 3G S?”

  1. Ricky Davis says:

    I think RIM needs to start shipping the 9630 to Europe ASAP because Blackberry does not have a flagship store in London like Apple does it is important more UK networks have the 9630 on their shelves…BRING THAT DATE FORWARD!!!!

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