iPhone 3G S and Palm Pre Coming to O2 UK Soon

We know the Palm Pre smartphone will be coming to the UK on the O2 network to sit alongside the iPhone 3G S, but product-reviews was reporting it wouldn’t arrive until Christmas.

Well now according to a report on softpedia, the launch date for the Palm Pre is now in September, which no doubt will make O2 quite happy knowing they will have exclusivity on the 2 hottest smartphones in the mobile arena.

The Palm Pre launch didn’t appear to be that great of a success mainly due to limited Palm Pre stock, and there have been reports of problems with the handset ever since launch including screen cracking.

The iPhone 3G S is to launch on the 19th of June and pre-orders are already sold out, while every iPhone is waiting for tomorrow’s launch of the iPhone OS 3.0 firmware to get their handsets rocking with 100 new features.

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