New iPhone 3GS 2009: O2 respond and answer our questions

We recently published an article talking about the all new Apple iPhone 3GS 2009 and O2 has responded with answers to our questions, you can read our previous article here.

You can read what we have wrote below and what O2 answers were:

PhonesReview Says: The all new Apple iPhone iPhone 3GS is being released June 19th 2009 and yes we know that current 3G users can download the new OS 3.0 software on June 17th, but myself and no doubt many of our readers are disappointed about a few things; for example the fact that for an early upgrade for the new iPhone 3G S you have to pay the rest of your contract up or indeed wait until your contract reaches its date, now I have until January 25th 2010 which means I would have to pay nearly 7-months x £45 plus no doubt a termination fee as well; O2 please verify this for me.

O2 Answer: Upgrade fees will depend on individual circumstances. Customers can speak to one of our Customer Service Agents and we will apply the usual business process.

PhonesReview Says: I want one of these phones as soon as the doors open at O2 on June 19th, or they can just simply send me one as we are a Phone site and we can review it in-depth (Yeah we know that will not happen), but come on there are many O2 customers that have been loyal for many years and now we have to sit back and wait months for the new iPhone which truthfully annoys me to the teeth, I really do not want to pay hundreds and hundreds of pounds for one.

O2 Answer: I have added your name to the list of accredited journalists requesting review samples, but you will appreciate that this is a long list so you may not get one immediately, and we will require it back again after a week or so.

PhonesReview Says: OK you can still download the new 3.0 software and get many cool features, but the current iPhone 3G does NOT have voice control, video recording, faster speeds, auto-focus camera, 3 megapixels etc.

O2 Answer: I recommend you contact Apple about features of the iPhone

PhonesReview Says: O2 please contact us here at phonesreview.co.uk and let us know if we really do have to finish up our contracts before getting the all new iPhone 3GS, surely there is something you can do to keep all us loyal O2 customers happy.

O2 Answer: As I mentioned above, customers can speak to one of our Customer Service Agents and we will apply the usual business process, but it will depend on individual circumstances. We hope there are lots of other things we can do to keep you happy, such as O2 Priority Ticketing at The O2 and O2 Academies, etc., etc.,

O2 Says: The original iPhone launch in November 2007 was unique in the industry as customers were asked to pay £267 for the 8GB device. As the customer paid for the original device outright, this changed the handset subsidy model that we, and all the other networks operate and we offered our existing 2G iPhone customers the opportunity of upgrading early by signing a new 18 month contract.

As we have subsidised iPhone 3G for our customers, all iPhone 3G S customers will be able to upgrade to a new iPhone when eligible for an upgrade. All existing iPhone customers (2G and 3G) will, however, be able to upgrade their iPhone to the latest iPhone 3.0 OS software from June 17


2 thoughts on “New iPhone 3GS 2009: O2 respond and answer our questions”

  1. Jason Wemyss says:

    Why is nobody asking the RIGHT questions. Of course you shouldn’t be eligible for an early upgrade (3 months+). That’s just ridiculous and you wouldn’t get it with any other phone, so why an iphone?

    The question that I want answered is this. I’m an iPhone 2G customer, my contract has now expired and I’m due for an upgrade. I can upgrade to EVERY OTHER PHONE for free, but for this one I have to pay at least £85, double that for the 32GB. Even the N96, which everyone said they’d charge you £100 for, was free once you haggled with your customer service reps. I think this is a little bit of an abuse of the monoply. Why do I have to pay for this phone?

  2. Marcus Allen says:

    Of course you have to pay for the new iPhone, it’s the best phone on the market with a massive reputation now so you should expect to have to pay for it, I do however disagree with the prices you have to pay for it and also the non get out clause until your contract ends which IS a rip off.

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