New iPhone 3GS GPU Software shows awesome 3D Graphics

The new Apple iPhone 3GS which is being released on June 19 has got many people wondering about the GPU Software and how its 3D graphics will pan out.

The new iPhone 3GS when released is said to be more responsive than its predecessors shocking users at how powerful the graphics are. Basically going from half life to half life 2. After looking at the pictures over at Uber Gizmo we believe the graphics definitely have the WOW factor. The proof will be in the pudding on launch day.

The VR SGX GPU — Power in the iPhone 3GS is said to be much faster than the old one in two fundamental graphics metrics: Fill rate: – a measure of how many pixels can be modified per second, triangle setup: – This defines how many triangles can be processed per second. Both are key-factors to increase graphics realism.

The iPhone 3GS makes games look better thanks to more programmable architecture of the VR SGX — Power, making it a possibility of being as good as the Xbox 360 and Sony PS3. Let us know what you think


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