Poll: Have you pre-ordered your New iPhone 3GS 2009?

Pre-orders for the new Apple iPhone 3GS has been overwhelming and we believe Apple will have to push out many handsets to suppliers to keep up with demand.

The iPhone buzz is beyond believe and we are all still talking about it and will continue talking about it until it has been release; probably way after it has been released this Friday as well. The question is can they fulfil the pre-orders on launch day?

We are so happy that the iPhone 3G S is picking up so many orders but the proof is in the pudding on launch day if this smartphone will be the wow-factor we are all hoping it will be. Please use the poll below and let us know if you have pre-ordered you Apple iPhone 3GS, vote now.

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One thought on “Poll: Have you pre-ordered your New iPhone 3GS 2009?”

  1. Phil A says:

    How about the options for “No, I don’t intend to get one” or “I’ll get one later”?

    What’s with the assumptions that everyone will rush out and buy one on launch day?

    Try taking your nose out of Apple’s ass and give those of us who won’t rush out like sheep on launch day!

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