O2 MMS iPhone 3.0 Problems: Price charges and error explanation

Right let us explain a few things about the all new iPhone 3.0 MMS, the new iPhone OS 3.0 software will indeed allow you to send text messages, contacts, photos, sound files and location info with the new MMS messages, but some of you will have to sit back and wait patiently.

2G Users: You cannot send picture messages even with the new iPhone 3.0, you can however text ‘MMS’ free to 1010 after you’ve installed it and when someone does send you a picture message O2 will send you a link so you can see it.

Those of you on Pay Monthly or a Business tariff after you have downloaded the new 3.0 software and try to send a picture within your message some of you may come across a sending error, do NOT worry because O2 will set-up the picture messaging for you, you will be sent a message from ‘1010’ saying “Welcome MMS” and you will be ready to go.

If your picture has not arrived just simply text ‘MMS’ free to 1010 and O2 will try again, just so you know you can use your text bundle to send picture messages in the UK and abroad; one picture message will equal four normal texts so be aware, if you do not have bundle texts left they will cost you 24.47p a message (21.28p excluding VAT).

Pay & Go Customers: After downloading the new iPhone OS 3.0 software, text ‘MMS’ free to 1010 and O2 will set up picture messaging for you. When it’s ready, they will send you an MMS. Picture messages cost 25p each; you can however buy a bundle with our Messaging Bolt Ons like Messaging 50 gives you 50 texts for £3.99 a month.

So once again be patient because the new MMS messages will work, just wait for the text to come form 1010.


3 thoughts on “O2 MMS iPhone 3.0 Problems: Price charges and error explanation”

  1. how do i know if i have the “2G” or the other software?
    why is it that some people have to pay and some dont?
    why isint it universal?
    or will it be universal one day and i am just being impatient.

    another question i had was on the new software if was said to have “improved calender… why is my calendar exactly the same

  2. Tracie says:

    Once you have the mms on iPhone 2G how do you cancel if you want to use the sim in a different phone that has mms capability? I tried sim in new phone and still only received link to net.

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