AT&T iPhone Tethering: Additional $55 per month, MMS coming July

AT&T Tethering as we have just found out is going to cost an additional $55 per month with MMS coming in July.

Although this is a rumour via the internet I am sure you will agree this is quite expensive although MMS is rumoured to be launched in mid July which is much more plausible. Hardcore iPhone fans like yourself will know that places like Austria get tethering for free and Nordic countries have unlimited data that allows tethering for less than $20 a month (this has been going for several years).

If you want unlimited 384kbps in Finland this will cost you $14 which is fairly reasonable. This info at the moment is not totally official as of yet and AT&T have a way of bending to the demands of the Apple iPhone mobile.

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3 thoughts on “AT&T iPhone Tethering: Additional $55 per month, MMS coming July”

  1. Timothy Tripp says:

    I sure hope the price for the tethering is lower than that. There’s NO WAY I will pay $55 a month even though I would love to have the feature. $19.99 a month would be the absolute maximum that would be worth. It’s not like we’re not already paying $40 a month for the data plan. Maybe it will be $55 a month for both the iPhone data plan WITH tethering that would be much more realistic. Hopefully AT&T is not so foolish as to think $95 a month for data w/tethering is reasonable. They would practically be pushing people to jailbreak their phones.

  2. Nick says:

    I just spoke with a AT&T rep about the mms on iphone and she said that “It will be released late summer and that it will be included in the iphone data+1500 sms plan i already have, as well as that it should work with all iphones.”

    I didnt think to ask if you had to have a data+1500sms or higher package.

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