BlackBerry Onyx 9020 will get Optical Trackpad

Yes! The Blackberry Onyx will get the Optical trackpad instead of having the trackball good news I am sure you will agree.

The Onyx 9020 Blackberry with Optical Trackpad has been seen and is in existence have a look at the picture included (Curve 8520). The Blackberry Onyx has received a slight redesign to the buttons to accommodate the Trackpad and will market with this. The Blackberry Onyx/Driftwood had been said to be supporting the Trackball but will definitely be getting the Trackpad.

I’m sure you are asking yourself why the Blackberry Onyx did not have the Trackpad in place from the off the word is the fact the Curve 85xx was designed by Florida team RIM’s (trying to reduce the cost) where as the Onyx is said to be being developed by the German design team RIM’s. The downfall for people already with the pre-release Onyx is that the future firmware upgrades may not support the Trackball only the Trackpad. For more info visit CrackBerry.

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