New iPhone OS 4.0 Wishlist: Missing bits from 3.0

As you know the new iPhone OS 3.0 was released on the June 17, and I am sure as we do you like what you see.

But we think a few new features of the future iPhone OS 4.0 should be added to make it that bit more special as well as some of the features having a makeover.

PC World have devised a wishlist for the new OS 4.0 which is: Notes App Needs a Facelift, Photoediting at Your Fingertips, Multitasking > Push Notifications, Spotlight Needs to Shine on the Web Too, Wallpaper on the Homescreen, Bring Unity to the Inbox, More Swipe! being able to survey Terrian (View ) and File Browsing which is good on the iPhone 3.0 for checking mail on the go; wouldn’t it be good to be able to access all files saved to your phone via a file browser and a bonus if it could sync back to your computer. What would be on your wishlist why not let us know?

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