Palm Pre sales not affected by iPhone 3GS, Psystar’s lawsuit

Apple has managed to overturn the stay in their copyright infringement battle against Psystar reports appleinsider, and was overturned last Friday and thus overturns any freeze on court proceedings after Psystar filed for chapter 11 last month.

On another front, Apple is cracking down on fraudulent iTunes cards and is apparently permanently closing down the accounts of anyone they catch using the fraudulent iTunes cards. A ban that will not just stop the user from purchasing new songs but also accessing songs they have purchased that still use FairPlay copy protection.

Lastly on to the Palm Pre in its battle against the iPhone; Bob Brust, chief finance officer of Sprint has said that Palm Pre sales are still strong but there are continued shortages. Brust also states he hasn’t seen “any big change” since the iPhone 3GS was released.

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