How good is Apple Customer Care?

What happens if you tried the remote wipe feature in iPhone OS 3.0, and suddenly find the restore process doesn’t work? Cameron Sturtevant of eweek tried this when reviewing iPhone OS 3.0, but found that an Apple Store is all the help you need.

Sturtevant didn’t have AppleCare for his iPhone and feared he would have to purchase a new iPhone. On going to the Apple Store and logging into the appointment centre he was given an appointment for Saturday. Obviously not wanting to be without his iPhone that long he approached a floor walker, and the floor walker asked what was wrong.

After explaining the problem, the floor walker tried to reboot the iPhone to factory defaults, but when it wasn’t happening he collected an old MacBook and sync cord and set up the restore process, a while later the iPhone was back working, and this was all done on the day iPhone OS 3.0 was released. Looks like Apple Customer Care are doing a great job.


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