AT&T Mishaps through launch of iPhone 3G S

Apple sold over a million iPhone 3G S handsets worldwide over the first weekend although AT&T tripped and stumbled through the iPhone 3G S launch reports wired.

AT&T’s lack of MMS and their early adoption fees where just two of many mishaps AT&T made around the iPhone 3G S launch. Apart from these obvious two there is the additional charges for text messaging as now for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS it costs $5 for the 200 SMS plan; so why pay $5 for text when in the past it cost nothing?

Then there is AT&T’s pre-ordering system, Apples pre-order system kept customers informed, while AT&T’s pre-ordering system failed to do so and didn’t offer any updated info.

Then over the weekend AT&T failed to activate the iPhone 3G S for many; Apple apologised for this inconvenience with a $30 iTunes credit eve though the problem seemed to lay with AT&T.

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