Who are the 12-percent that ditched BlackBerry for Apple iPhone 3GS?

Around 12 percent of consumers who visited a retail store last weekend to purchase their iPhone 3GS have said that they were replacing a BlackBerry handset. Confirming that Apple continues to make headway against the smartphone market.

These statistics come out of a survey by Piper Jaffray speaking to shoppers in stores in New York and Minnesota last weekend. Still Nokia leads the Worldwide market with a 41.2% share, Apple and its iPhone are most frequently compared to RIM and its BlackBerry devices due to similarities and target audience.

Piper Jaffray’s survey also addressed the issue of iPod cannibalization by the iPhone. Each iPhone also comes complete with a fully featured iPod. Suprisingly enough, more than half of iPhone 3GS buyers have stated that they intend to continue using a separate iPod in addition to their iPhone.

Souce – AppleInsider

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