Nokia and Intel to develop chipset architectures and Mobile Device

Nokia and Intel are teaming up to develop new mobile computing devices and chipset architectures the companies announced on Tuesday. Intel is trying to establish itself in a mobile device market which is currently dominated by Arm. Nokia handsets already use Arm chips.

Intel currently holds 80% of the market in supplying chips, and is the top supplier of microprocessors. Two years ago the company introduced smaller and more power efficient chips known as Atom. These are designed for netbooks, small PC’s with Internet access, however these were too power hungry for devices such as MIDS.

The deal with Nokia means Intel now has two of the world’s top three mobile phone makers including plans to use its chips in mobile devices. According to IDC Nokia were the largest mobile phone maker in 2008, followed by Samsung, LG was third.

Last year Intel introduced Atom processors code named Menlow specifically for MIDS, but concerns were expressed about poor battery performance delivered by those devices using those chips. Intel is confident that they will recover from that setback with the upcoming Moorestown platform.

Source – pcworld.com

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