iPhone 3GS B, The B would mean Business: Come on Apple

The 3GS is an intelligent addition to the iPhone family. However the lack of a keyboard, UMA and more efficient battery features allows the competition an edge.

The slider QWERTY keyboard very similar to that on the T-Mobile G1 would impress a large number of e-mail users. A focused person can confidently type away on the iPhone. However as business users are usually multi-tasking the iPhone would require its user to be paying full attention, and is not as easy to type on as the BlackBerry Bold with its big QWERTY keyboard.

Smartphones like the BlackBerry Bold and Tour allow Wi-Fi for phone use, this is extremely beneficial when in internet-connected areas that are lacking in efficient network coverage.

Apple claims to be able to provide up to 5 hours of 3G talk time or internet use so why the mad dash for the charger at the end of the day. There are many ways to improve the battery life of the iPhone, dim the screen, turn off blue-tooth to name just a couple. Its been suggested that the iPhone would benefit from having a software switch, to enable users to toggle from an optimal battery mode to a higher performance mode.

Source – pcworld.com

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